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The automobile insurance quotes that we provide on our website are intended to act as an indication of the rate of premium according to the information that you as our car insurance clients will provide. They do not act as binding or final quotes. If you make a decision to buy cheap car insurance from our company then you will be asked to confirm all the information you have provided to be true. In case you provide wrong information or you disclose inaccurate information or fail to disclose any information that seems to be relevant we have the powers to invalidate your car insurance.

If you’re applying for cheap car, insurance on behalf of someone else ensures that you have the correct and all the information need, we do not take any liability for any wrong information given by a third-party.

Upon making your payments on the payment detail sections of our website, we will treat your payment as the first step of offering affordable car insurance. You will not be insured until we have confirmed all the payment and information received to be accurate. We have the final decision at our discretion.

We have the option of allowing our clients to view there auto insurance wording online. We will make your car insurance schedule, policy booklets, and the certificate of insurance available for you electronically. We can also send the documents to your given address. Keep the copy of all documents received in your own records for future references.


We always ensure that all the information that is provided in our website is accurate and updated regularly. We do not give you promises, warranties and reliability or suitability of any information on our website. We will be updating the information from time to time and it is the duty of our automobile insurance clients to read and understand our terms and conditions. However, we do not change terms and conditions of any car insurance policy that is activate during the period we decide to amend our terms and conditions.


We might decide to maintain or update our website, we will keep our auto insurance clients informed of such dates, and hours when we will be carrying out site maintenances.


The copyright and any other intellectual property remains to be our property and any other third party that has given us permission to use their services. Copy righting of any information is prohibited.


You are allowed to copy your person data, print and save. Apart from your personal data, any other information on our website is prohibited from being printed. Copying of our content is prohibited.


Our site contains links and other information that is operated by third party. We are not responsible for any information on those sites and we advice our auto insurance clients to seek more information before using third party information.

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